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Sequoia Financial Group Ltd

Sequoia is a diversified financials company which operates in both the wholesale and retail markets. Sequoia enjoys relationships with many referrers to its Superannuation Administration business

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InterPrac helps local accountants and financial planners deliver financial planning, insurance, finance, administration and technical support for their practice. Founded in 2001, InterPrac has grown to become a leader in the Finance Industry, with a wide range of services and products, this enables your business to grow by expanding the integrated and practical financial services you can offer to your clients.

InterPrac’s vision is to become the first option to local and independently minded accountants and financial planners seeking professional and reliable financial service advice.

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SMSF Engine

SMSF Engine provides a low cost, high quality, efficient and accurate back office administration and compliance service for accountants. With services including SMSF Administration, Audit, Actuarial, Consulting and Property Valuations, they can take care of the administration and compliance requirements, while you focus on providing value added services and building relationships with your clients.