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I have reserved a company name. Can you register a company with that name for me?

Where an individual has reserved a name and then wants to set up a company with that name, they must write a letter to ASIC asking them to "un-reserve" that name (including the reference number originally given to them by ASIC). Only the person who originally applied for a company name reservation with ASIC has the power to un-reserve that name.

When placing an order online with a reserved name the website will prompt you to complete a Letter of Cancellation of Reservation which then needs to be forwarded to us to be provided to ASIC along with the company application.

If you asked us to reserve the name, the process is much easier. We apply for company reservations electronically and therefore can also un-reserve and register a company name simultaneously, electronically to ASIC. This saves time for both parties and restricts your company name from ever becoming available for other people to take!