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I know of another company provider that doesn't ask for any signatures from the directors and shareholders, so why do you ask for them?

These are actually requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 - refer S.201D regarding director consents, S.204C regarding secretary consents, and S.136 regarding members needing to agree in writing to the terms of the company's constitution before the company is registered.

Also S.117, which sets out the requirements for lodging an application to register a company, states:

"(5) An applicant must have the consents and agreements referred to in subsection (2) when the application is lodged. After the company is registered, the applicant must give the consents and agreements to the company. The company must keep the consents and agreements."

As most company registrations are ordered online, before submitting you agree that you have the consents of the officeholders and shareholders.

Feel free to use these blank Consent to Act as an Officeholder and Consent to Act as a Member (Shareholder) forms to obtain your clients' consent before ordering the company registration.

Note: Registering a company without first obtaining consents, in our opinion, may be breaking the law!