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I would like some advice about how to run my trust/company/super fund/partnership.

Please note that we primarily provide a service of setting up new business structures; i.e., new trusts, companies, partnerships and superannuation funds. We also may assist with some small changes to existing structures.

We do not and cannot assist with the general day-to-day running of the business structure after it has been set up. We do not provide legal advice.

However, the documents that we send out should assist with the general running of the particular structure. It is expected that all of the parties to the relevant documents have read them and are familiar with them (e.g., a trustee should know what is in the trust deed). In particular, the process for effecting a change to the unit holders of a unit trust, the partners of a partnership, or the shareholders and directors of a company, are provided in the relevant unit trust deed/partnership agreement/company constitution.