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How do I place an order?

Placing an order is as simple as clicking Order Now or selecting the order type from the menu headers! Once you have logged in (using your registered email address and password) you will be able to place as many orders as you need completing our user friendly online forms. If, for instance, you're ordering a trust with a new corporate trustee, you can order the company, add it to your Cart and then order the trust. The company details will be stored in our system, making the trust form easy to fill out and you can process both orders through the Cart together!

If you are more comfortable with paper forms, please contact us and we can send to you via email. These PDF forms can be directly typed onto and then emailed to us for processing. Please note that an administration fee applies to paper forms that can be ordered online and online orders will be processed in priority to paper forms. If your order is urgent then we recommend ordering online (and you'll enjoy the cheaper prices!).