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We would like to order a Trust Deed and have it effective from January 2006. Is the wording on the current deeds you supply any different from the deeds you supplied in January 2006?

The wording does periodically change, but that does not matter. You must be very careful that by taking this course of action you are not inadvertently backdating the trust. It is, of course, illegal to backdate such documents, and backdating is not effective in any case.

This is because a trust comes into existence when there is (a) a trustee, (b) beneficiaries, and (c) trust property, whether or not there was a signed trust deed as at that date. Simply backdating a document does not satisfy these requirements if it cannot be proven that they were in existence as at the correct date.

We do not date deeds (the clients fill in the date on the date of execution), but we also only provide our most current deeds - i.e., we do not provide our earlier deeds.

If you want anything other than our most current deed, you should seek legal advice from a solicitor who can tailor a deed to your specific circumstances, taking into account the above considerations.