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In the InterDocs unit and fixed unit trust deeds, will the chairperson have a casting vote?

This is up to you!

We have flexible options in our online forms for you to choose from; the deed can either give the chair a casting vote to break deadlocks, or not give the chair a casting vote, which means that in the event of a deadlock that cannot be broken, the unitholders can request that the matter be referred for decision by arbitration. (The relevant clause in our trust deed is 16.1)

Giving the chairperson a casting vote allows for deadlocks to be resolved relatively easily, but also gives the chairperson the power to sway the vote on matters should there be an equal number of unitholders both for and against a particular issue.

Therefore, if you elect not to give the chairperson a casting vote, this avoids one person possibly wielding a disproportionate amount of power at meetings, but also means that resolving deadlocks may not be so easy (and could potentially be protracted and quite costly).