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Can you help to issue shares in a registered company?

We can assist in with simple share issues provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The current company constitution needs to be provided by us. If you don't have our constitution, please complete the Adoption of Constitution form online first.
  2. The parties need to tell us the issue price for the shares (and the rights that will attach to them, if they are not otherwise ‘ordinary’ shares). This issue price may or may not be market value, and we cannot and will not provide any advice regarding whether or not the issue price is market value.
  3. We need confirmation that the company (including the existing shareholders, any new shareholders, and the directors of the company) all acknowledge that they will deal with any tax issues (including, without limitation, income tax, CGT and stamp duty) and that we have not and will not provide any advice or guarantees regarding the ultimate tax or other implications regarding the issue of the new shares (including, without limitation, the possibility of the “value shifting rules” applying, or the fact that the issue of new shares may mean that the rights of the existing shareholders may be varied).

More information and download order form here.