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Do you have any further info on what legally the agent can do, and to what extent it must disclose to various business parties (e.g., banks, supplier_ids, finance companies) that it is acting in its capacity as agent only?

The law of agency has been developed over hundreds of years and can get quite complicated. Unfortunately, at this stage, we don't have a short summary of how the law of agency works. Generally, if anyone needs advice in this regard, they will need to speak to their solicitor.

However, we can say that our Partnership of Trusts agreement (with agent) specifies that an appointed agent has pretty much full powers in relation to any business it conducts on behalf of its principals, and that it is not obliged to disclose to anyone that it is acting as agent. Of course, the partnership agreement only regulates the relationship between the partnership and the agent, but other parties - especially banks - may require that such a relationship be disclosed to them.