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I ordered a unit trust from you a few years ago and would now like to change it into a fixed unit trust. Can you do this for me?

Unfortunately, once you have ordered a deed from us, we do not make any significant structural changes to the deed unless the deed has not been executed.

Our concern with making major structural amendments to a trust deed is that this may cause a resettlement of the trust, which can have adverse tax and stamp duty implications (although it is by no means certain that a change such as this will resettle a trust).

We do not get involved in anything that may resettle a trust. As alluded to above, we do not really make any changes to deeds once the trusts are set up unless it hasn't really done anything (in which case we can provide replacement deeds for a fee). You may wish to contact a solicitor who can provide advice in relation to this, who could also tailor any amendment to the deed to your circumstances.